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pray without ceasing

We just wrapped up a bible study on the subject of prayer at our church. I have been challenged and stretched in the most beautiful way. I’ve been a Christ Follower most all my life. I was raised in church and I have gained knowledge throughout my years of sitting under several influential leaders and speakers and through my own studying of scripture. I feel honored to have opportunities to teach God’s Word and share from my heart and I often do. Yet I find myself being so content in this season of life being a student. Never in my life have I been more hungry for God and thirsty for the sound of His voice.

hair and beauty

dry shampoo 101

Who could use an extra 15+ minutes of sleep in the morning? Dry shampoo can be your ticket to a few extra minutes of shut-eye. If you know how to use it correctly, it can be a real game changer to your morning routine. Nowadays, it is more popular than ever to go a day (or five) between shampoos. I used to be a hard core daily shampoo kind of girl. I loved to lather up every morning. It also meant I spent close to an hour every day on just my hair.

christ follower


I love Psalms. One of the reasons I am so encouraged by Psalms is because of David. He was human. He failed. He lost it. He wallowed. Then he got back up and rejoiced in the Lord. He kept it real. Am I right? In one moment he was in the throes of his circumstance praying that his enemies would not devour him. By the end of the chapter David was blessing the Lord and telling of His loving kindness.