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how to deal with a tantrum

I was in the grocery store and I heard loud screams and hollers coming from some kid in the next aisle. I kept hearing the mom say, “Shhh! If you will please be quiet and behave I will give you a cookie when we get home.”
I said to myself, “When I have children, they will never be allowed to act like that. She needs to get her kid under control.” I thought that she obviously needed to teach her child a thing or two about manners.

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how to convert fear to faith

Fear is paralyzing. It is something that I have dealt with all of my life and even though God has delivered me from so much fear, it’s still something I have to keep in check. My dad says all the time, “The enemy will not roll over and play dead when you are doing something of for God”. He’s right. We have the authority over fear through the blood of Jesus but the doesn’t mean the devil won’t keep trying to make you stumble.