farmhouse love


Is it just me or is anyone else addicted to Fixer Upper? Can we all agree that Chip and Joanna should move to Kentucky so we can all be the best of friends? I want a farmhouse so bad I can hardly stand it. I dream of shiplap but unfortunately I have boring drywall. Or is it called sheet rock? I have no idea.

Since we won’t be moving or renovating anytime soon, the best I can do is little by little bring the farmhouse to my house. I’m taking it room by room and collecting pieces that I really love until a transformation happens. I am also praying I win the lottery so this process moves a lot quicker. Just kidding! Sort of.

I have loved antiquing for years. I’m also a huge fan of yard sales and the Goodwill. I enjoy taking an old piece of furniture and up cycling it or restoring it back to its original beauty. So this style is right up my alley. I fell in love with chalk paint a couple years ago and I ain’t ever going back. Chalk paint ALL the things!

I love the farmhouse style. I always have even before it became super popular. There is something about it that is just so dreamy. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to the look. I love the simplicity of it and I think it makes a house feel like a home. To me, anyways.

One day, Lord willing, I may have a little farmhouse of my very own on a big piece of land in the country. Cows, pigs, horses and the whole kit and caboodle. Just as long as I am not the one taking care of all of them. Just kidding! Sort of.

For now, I’ll keep swooning over all this dreamy decor. Here is some inspiration for ya!


one, two, three,  four, five, six, seven


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